Ending HCGHCG miracle loss is possible with these healthy options

 Phase 3 – Ending the HCG

After the diet is completed you have a wider variety of fruits and vegetables that you may now eat. You may eat and cook with fats and oils.

There are two rules:
    1. You must weigh yourself every morning and remain within 2 pounds of your last HCG weight, 
    2. You must eat at least 1500 calories per day with one exception: NO SUGARS AND STARCHES!

Fruits that are NOT included in Phase 3 are: Dried fruits, fruits that are processed with sugar (canned cranberry sauce, applesauce, canned cherries, etc.)

Fruits that are a Caution in Phase 3 are: Melons (all varieties), grapes, mangos, bananas, pomegranates, raisins, and watermelon

Vegetables that are NOT included in Phase 3 are: Beets, corn, yams, parsnips, potatoes (all varieties including sweet), rutabagas

Vegetables that are a Caution in Phase 3 are: Artichokes, okra, peas, pumpkin, squash (acorn, butternut, spaghetti, crookneck, winter)

All cheeses/dairy are a Caution, except for Cottage Cheese

All Nuts/Seeds are a Caution, except for Coconuts and flax seeds

All ‘Starchy’ Beans are NOT included in Phase 3 except for Edamame

It takes about 3 weeks before the weight becomes stable. It is during these 3 weeks that you must realize carbohydrates (sugars, rice, pasta bread, potatoes, pastries, etc.) are by far the most dangerous. If no carbohydrates whatsoever are eaten, fats can be indulged in somewhat more liberally and even small quantities of alcohol, such as a glass of wine with meals, does no harm.  But AS SOON AS FATS AND STARCHES ARE COMBINED, THINGS ARE VERY LIABLE TO GET OUT OF HAND and disappointments are almost sure to occur.

As long as your weight stays within two pounds of the weight reached on the day of the last HCG, don’t worry about what you are eating; but the moment the scale goes beyond two pounds, even if it’s only a few ounces, you must skip breakfast and lunch and drink plenty of water. In the evening you must eat a huge steak with only 1 apple or a raw tomato. This should bring your weight back down near your last HCG weight and you can begin eating normally again (still no sugars or starches) the next day.

Once you have maintained your last HCG weight for 3 weeks, you are then able to return for another round of Phase 2 (500 calorie diet with HCG). If you have met your weight goal, you then move to Phase 4.