About Us

While HCG has been used in Europe for decades as a safe, effective weight loss method, it is relatively new here in the U.S. As with any new products/services in the marketplace, there is often a lack of reliable information, guidance and even quality standards.

Such is the case with the HCG market in the U.S. where obesity and excessive body weight is a growing epidemic. Upon entering this market, we found a general lack of quality standards, a shortage of expertise and the internet over-weighted with un-reliable information and data.

After discovering such a wonderful, natural product—which we believe to be the long overdue solution to America's obesity—we set out to bring you the highest quality stadard in American-made HCG, along with reliable expertise to walk you through the entire process of reaching your weight loss goals.

Our Mission:

To provide individuals with ultra-effective options and personal support for wimple, healthy, sustainable, and proven weight-loss

Our Promise:

You allow us to help you—you WILL lose weight!


Meet Donna Prentice and see her journey through Bodysleek. Donna Prentice
Medical Sales Specialist
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