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Highly recommended reading for anyone who is serious about the HCG Program:

Read what the famous HCG diet creator Dr. ATW Simeons wrote about his own HCG Weight Loss Protocol:
Email us for a FREE and complete copy of his manuscript; “Pounds & Inches”

“HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide, A Supplemental Guide to Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches Supporting All Types of HCG” by Linda Prinster

Book Description:

The HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide is a guide to Dr. Simeon's Pounds and Inches, which is the base hCG diet Protocol described in Kevin Trudeau's newest book The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want you to Know About. Discovered and documented after decades of research by Dr. Simeons, the 'original' protocol promises a short term plan with long term results--a full copy of Simeons' Pounds and Inches is included in the appendix. This guide is the complete 'How To' in laymen's terms from start to happy ending. For most people, this can make the difference between reading about an extremely complicated and expensive diet protocol (as presented in Trudeau's book) and executing an inexpensive, simple protocol detailed by the physician who developed it. The guide includes non prescription ordering, mixing, storing, tips, menus, charts, and everything else you need to successfully lose the AVERAGE 20 - 30 pounds in about a month.

“The Weight Loss Cure They Didn’t Want You To Know About”  by Kevin Trudeau

Book Description:

An absolute cure for obesity was discovered almost fifty years ago by a British medical doctor. Tens of thousands of people used this simple, inexpensive, safe medical treatment and achieved miraculous, fast, and permanent weight loss. Stubborn area fat deposits melted away. Body reshaping of the hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist was so dramatic it appeared as if the patients received liposuction! Amazingly, this medical breakthrough has been debunked, discredited, and suppressed by the American Medical Association, the Food and Drug Administration, and other medical establishments throughout the world. Now, for the first time in fifty years, this revolutionary breakthrough discovery, which permanently cures the condition of obesity, is being released to the public.The main problems that overweight people deal with are massive, intense, constant physical hunger; food cravings and uncontrollable urges to eat when not hungry; low metabolism; and an abnormally high amount of fat stored in stubborn secure problem areas such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist.

“101 Worry-Free HCG Diet Recipes plus Hints & Tips From the Experts” by Leanne Mennemeier and Linda Prinster

Book Description:

This receipe book has 101 recipes that boast great taste and lots of variety; yet strict adherance to Dr. Simeons / Kevin Trudeau's HCG Diet Protocols. While these are designed for the diet phase, the recipes can easily be adapted to the other phases of the protocol to provide extremely low-calorie healthy meals.

"Pocket Guide the the HCG Protocol" by Tiffany Prinster

Book Description:

**Based on reviews, the authors are adding this preface: "This is NOT a how-to or a recipe book for the HCG Diet, and was never purported to be. The Pocket Guide to the HCG Protocol was created and made available in response of many customer requests for a small book to carry in their purse for convenience, especially during Phase 3 (the maintenance phase) of the HCG Diet. Those customers particularly wanted the chart of 1,000 foods, drinks, and condiments charting whether or not each item is allowed, cautioned, or not allowed on each phase of the protocol that was easy to carry around for eating out and grocery shopping purposes. So, that is why this book is for sale and that is what its purpose is in your HCG Diet Library." ** This is the description of the book: If you don't want to lug the "HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide" around throughout your day, this compact book is a great addition to your protocol library. The Pocket Guide to the HCG Protocol is a very, very short summary of the HCG Diet Protocol in purse/pocket size purely for convenience. This little book packs the basic information including: a summary of a typical round of the HCG protocol, Dr. Simeons' list of approved foods for the protocol, rules for the maintenance phase, and a nutrition chart of 1,000 foods, drinks, and condiments charting whether or not each item is allowed, cautioned, or not allowed on each phase of the protocol. This small, summary book was created solely out of customer demand for a more compact resource to carry around. ALL information is extracted from The HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide to provide a convenient, carry-along version.

"HCG Diet Made Simple" by Harmony Clearwater Grace

Book Description:

I want EVERYONE to be able to lose weight and keep it off. I want the obesity epidemic to end. So I wrote this 150-page book compiling everything that I have learned as a moderator of an over 25,000-member hCG Dieters support group, as well as by doing this diet myself, including:

  • Reliably researched answers to 113 HCG Diet questions
  • Injections - Sublingual - Transnasal Spray - as well as Transdermal and "Homeopathic" - hCG explained
  • Helpful product list and online store
  • How to identify 15 factors that prevent your weight reduction
  • 3 things you must know in order to avoid hCG scams
  • Step-By-Step detailed instructions for doing the protocol without a doctor or clinic
  • 16 secrets for breaking a stall on the hCG Diet
  • Exactly what to order if you are doing the diet without a clinic
  • Sample menus and 22 pages of recipes
  • Specific sugars and starches to avoid in Phase 3, with 101 names for sugar
Someone said it should be named HCG Protocol For Dummies!

"HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide--Practitioner Guided" by Linda Prinster

Book Description:

This guide is a great tool for the practitioner assisted participant i.e. people who are doing the protocol under the supervision or help of a physician, homeopathic or other practitioner with expertise in supporting the HCG protocol. This guide should fill in all the areas that are not fully supported by the practitioner. The guide includes tips, menus, charts, allowable product, sample menus, and everything else you need to successfully lose the AVERAGE 20 - 30 pounds in about a month. The book also includes extensive information on the maintenance phase. This should save both the practitioner and the participant significant time and give a high comfort level to everyone also.


"HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook" by Tammy Skye

Book Description:

Enjoy over 200 delicious "Low Calorie" Recipes for the HCG Diet with the HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook. The recipes in this cookbook can help you enjoy flavorful meals while losing up to a pound a day on the "HCG Phase" The HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook features delicious soups and salads, chicken, beef, and seafood entrees, and sweet desserts and beverages.

Enjoy these easy and delicious recipes and add variety, spice, and a touch of gourmet to your weight loss journey.


"100 Receipes for Phase 2 of HCG Diet" by Christine Hunt

Book Description:

This book offers 100 recipes designed to make it easy to stay on Phase II of the HCG Protocol. The foods inside taste remarkably similar to dishes served outside of the Phase II restrictions and include recipes from many different cultures. You'll find sausage, deserts, a near-spaghetti dish, and lots more. The recipes were designed and enjoyed by both authors as they followed HCG Protocol during Phase II. In addition to the recipes, you'll find many comments, research findings, and funny stories to keep you motivated and enthused while following Phase II of HCG. The authors encourage you to visit their website,, for more recipes, their experiences through Phase III and IV of the Protocol, and more funny stories.

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