the 500 calorie diet will reduce your belly fat!

The HCG Diet Plan is SIMPLE but PRECISE.

While the following tips are rather simple, they will go a long way in helping your first three weeks of Phase 2 breeze by.
Buy a George Foreman (indoor) Grill. This will take only minutes to cook your chicken, beef or fish—and the clean up is easy.
Plan your menu for the following day. This ensures you have the necessary foods available and makes life simpler on busy and hectic days when it comes time to prepare meals.
Spread your food (particularly fruit) throughout the day. This adds more psychological satisfaction of eating more frequently while staying within the restricted calorie count.
Buy a food scale. Within a short time you will be able to eye-ball the proper portion of your foods, but a food scale is easy, quick and takes the guessing out of food portions.
If hunger persists, particularly during the first week of Phase 2, you may take an additional .25 ml of HCG.
Drink Lots of water throughout the entire day. Try drinking a large glass of water before each meal and whenever hunger hits.
Drink green tea. Not only is it a great antioxidant, but helps reduce cravings.
At meals: SAVOR your food. Eat slowly; savoring its aroma before that next bite. Smell has been proven to have a particular effect upon the hypothalamus gland.
To provide variety and novelty to your daily diet of limited foods, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book, “101 Worry-Free HCG Diet Recipes, plus Hints & Tips from Experts” by Leanne Mennemeier & Linda Prinster.
Keep the herbal tea, “Smooth Move” on hand should constipation ever become a problem.  
For a fantastic salad dressing, use organic apple cider vinegar with onions, tomatoe seeds, and other spices sprinkled in for a zesty dressing or meat marinade.
Samples of HCG-friendly recipes that can be prepared using only your limited list of foods.
Click Here for Samples of HCG-Friendly Recipes.