While HCG has been used in Europe for decades as a safe, effective weight loss method, it had been relatively new here in the U.S. As with any new products/services in the marketplace, there is often a lack of reliable information, guidance and even quality standards.

Such is the case with the HCG market in the U.S. where obesity and excessive body weight is a growing epidemic. Upon entering this market, we found a general lack of quality standards, a shortage of expertise and the internet over-weighted with un-reliable information and data.

After exploring such a wonderful, natural product—we set out to bring you the highest quality standard in American-made HCG, along with reliable expertise to walk you through the entire process of reaching your weight loss goals.

Why BodySleek Is Your Preferred HCG Supplier?

When using HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) with a balanced, low calorie eating plan, your body will begin to consume its own adipose fat that is immune to dieting and exercise (e.g. fat deposits in trouble areas like love handles, belly fat and cellulite thighs).

Typical weight-loss diets may send your body into “Starvation Syndrome” which consumes muscle and healthy fat necessary for glowing skin, brains and organs. This creates the yo-yo dieting syndrome when you resume normal eating and your body packs on the pounds afterwards in an attempt to replace the vital stores it lost during the diet.

HCG works naturally with your body to prevent the starvation syndrome, and to actually aid in “re-setting” your new body weight, and actually seek to maintain your target goal.

  • We supply a high-grade enhanced homeopathic formula. We are USA-Made, FDA-Registered and GMP Certified.
  • We have a local home office which means we are at your disposal at any time by phone.
  • We offer Customer Support and field all questions, concerns, and issues.
  • We provide a very comprehensive website where clients can reference a wide range of information on the HCG Weight Loss Protocol, including Tips, Recipes, Books, Questions & Answers and Customer Care.
  • We provide marketing materials such as brochures.
  • We offer the medical/health practitioners community wholesale pricing.


Our Mission is to Educate & Provide an All Natural, American Made Solution for Healthy, Sustainable, Weight Loss.


Donna Prentice

Donna Prentice has been involved with the health and fitness field for over 25 years. Her experience is as varied as it is focused upon the art of maintaining excellent health and a body that will serve its owner well throughout the course of a lifetime.

She was a licensed massage therapist, as well as an aerobic instructor and personal trainer. She became focused with the art of body sculpting as it relates to proper nutrition, exercise and stress management. As a course of business, it was only natural that she would acquire a working knowledge of many of the popular diets of the day such as The Zone, Eating For Your Blood Type, South Beach and other diet plans.

She then went on to work as a sales & marketing professional for large multinational Medical firms, she proved herself as a top sales person and advisor, specializing in these firm’s health products. She was introduced to the wonders of HCG and was so intrigued with the science behind it and the application of that science relating to weight loss, that she immersed herself in the research founded by the creator of the HCG diet, Dr. ATW Simeons.

She studied his HCG Weight Loss Cure Protocol long before ever following the diet plan and taking HCG. Donna strongly believes what sets the HCG Weight Loss plan far above other popular diets is that it goes beyond mere nutrition and dieting—it works with the human body to “re-set” the very biochemistry controls that contribute to weight related ailments and conditions. It’s this belief that drives her to educate & support the many clients who commit to changing their lives through healthier eating habits & lifestyles.