BodySleek HCG


A 2-Oz bottle of BodySleek HCG is all you need for a 21-day guaranteed weight loss.


What does HCG do for me?

When using HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) with a balanced, low-calorie eating plan, your body will begin to consume its own adipose fat that is immune to dieting and exercise (e.g. fat deposits in trouble areas like love handles, belly fat, and cellulite thighs).

Typical weight-loss diets may send your body into “Starvation Syndrome” which consumes muscle and healthy fat necessary for glowing skin, brains, and organs. This creates the yo-yo dieting syndrome when you resume normal eating and your body packs on the pounds afterward in an attempt to replace the vital stores it lost during the diet.

HCG works naturally with your body to prevent starvation syndrome and to actually aid in “re-setting” your new body weight, and actually seek to maintain your target goal.