Almost anyone in reasonably good health can take HCG. However, we do not encourage or condone anyone under 18 years old using HCG for weight loss, unless prescribed by their physician or licensed health care practitioner. As with any diet or exercise regime, it is highly advised that you consult with your doctor or licensed health care practitioner before following the HCG Diet Program. This is particularly true if you have any existing medical conditions or taking prescriptions for medical conditions.

There are typically four “phases” involved in the entire program;

Phase 1: is a detoxification program. It is recommended for maximum results, but is not mandatory. Many people get excellent results without going through this phase.

Phase 2: is a three week program, it is the only phase in which you will actually take the HCG drops in combination with a 500-calorie diet plan. This is when the most dramatic weight loss will occur. It will start with the first two days being “gorge” days; literally two days of eating anything and everything you want while starting to take HCG. This seems to “jump start” the HCG process.

Phases 3 & 4: each three weeks long, are important phases for “re-setting” your hypothalamus gland and re-training your metabolism on how your body uses food, either for fuel or fat storage. During this time you will start increasing your caloric intake and SLOWLY start introducing sugars and starches back into your diet.

Yes…for a short term. But you will also send your body into a “Starvation Syndrome” which means your body will start storing every calorie as fat, because it senses it is in survival mode. Fat becomes precious fuel in times of starvation. Rather than burn body fat—it will first consume muscle tissue, then the types of fat required to keep the body healthy, leaving the adipose fat (which gives us that “fat look”). When you resume a normal diet, the body will quickly regain the weight it has lost, PLUS more, because it is now in the habit of storing calories as fat, rather than burning them as fuel. The HCG hormone prevents the starvation syndrome—even on a 500 calorie diet—because it consumes the abnormal (adipose) fat layer and uses it for fuel. More importantly, this diet plan “re-sets” the hypothalamus gland which controls this process, thus signaling the body to burn added calories as fuel, rather than store them as fat when you resume a normal diet.

It is, if that is the ONLY source of calories and nutrients made available to the body. But with HCG, the body is consuming large quantities of its own adipose fat stores, flooding the body with as much as 2,000-3,000 calories. As fat stores are melted into the bloodstream, the appetite is naturally suppressed and the body has a constant source of fuel. This is what causes the amazing weight loss during the HCG Diet Plan.

No diet or exercise program will work or have lasting effects if one does not follow the plan, or change the lifestyle that created the weight gain to begin with. The HCG Diet Plan is very simple—but very precise. If you follow the plan exactly, you will actually create positive changes in your body, achieve results and even curb your food cravings. You do more than just lose weight on the HCG Diet Plan—you “re-set” your metabolism for healthy weight maintenance.

HCG can be taken either by injections or sublingually (drops under the tongue). In some cases, minimal hair loss has been noted in using the injection form of HCG. But there is no hair loss or any other negative side effects while using the sublingual form of HCG. BodySleek is provided in sublingual form only.

You must remember that HCG is very sensitive to the needs of your body. This is why the diet plan is very precise. Basically, HCG’s job is to signal the body to start burning fat for fuel. The foods listed on the Diet plan are precise due to their chemical compositions, based upon Dr. Simeon’s case studies. These specific foods are designed to allow the HCG to have maximum results in burning deep reserves of fat, thus achieving optimal weight loss. Whereas other foods, particularly sugars and starches, do not work as well

Yes. The levels of HCG rise dramatically in the bloodstreams of pregnant women, once again demonstrating the evolutionary purpose of the hormone to protect both mother and child during times of famine or scarce food. In males however, HCG does not produce any symptoms or signs of pregnancy, nor does it emasculate males in any way. Males can enjoy the same amazing weight loss as their female counterparts.

While the entire program lasts for a total of nine (9) weeks, only three (3) of those weeks will actually involve taking HCG drops in combination with a 500 calorie diet. This will be when you will experience your most amazing weight loss and reshaping of your body. The following six (6) weeks are “maintenance” periods when you will increase your caloric intake and variety of food—and cease using HCG altogether. The actual HCG Diet is not about celery and carrot sticks, but rather each meal consists of a protein, a vegetable, and a fruit. Dozens of recipes can be made from the precise list of foods prescribed in the HCG Diet

You will find what sets BodySleek HCG Plus apart from dozens of other suppliers is our personal coaching program. Much more than just “Customer Serive” our coaches work with you personally throughout the duration of your HCG weight loss plan. And it’s FREE!