Getting Started On Your Body Sleek HCG Weight Loss Program

The HCG Plan is SIMPLE—but Very Precise. Along with instructions for using your BodySleek HCG drops and the following Eating Plan, we have provided very helpful TIPS, RESOURCES and WHAT TO EXPECT. Please refer to these before starting the drops.

Taking the BodySleek HCG Plus drops


  1. Don’t eat/drink 20 minutes before or after using drops

  2. Shake the bottle vigorously before using
  3. Draw up the liquid in the dropper as high as it will go. This equals .50ml.  For an additional amount to equal .75ml, draw up more liquid into the dropper until it is one fourth full.
  4. We suggest using .75ml for the first week, then taper off to .50ml for the second and third week.  If hunger persists, may increase dosage to .75 ml.
  5. Hold under the tongue for 2 minutes.  You can then swallow.
  6. You begin taking the drops on Day 1, three (3) times a day through the evening of Day 23.  This means you will begin taking the drops on your first “gorge” or load day.

Starting the Weight Loss Plan

Day 1-2 (Phase 2)—“Gorge Days”

On Day 1 start using the HCG drops three times a day.  Also, eat whatever you wish, particularly fattening foods and continue through end of Day 2.  This will actually jump start the HCG fat melting process.  Caution: “Gorge” really means eat within reason and stop once you experience a full feeling.  If you literally “gorge” yourself with rich, caloric dense foods too much, too quickly, you may actually experience nausea upon taking HCG.  Simply enjoy yourself during these two days, but stay within your normal eating patterns.

Day 3-23 (Phase 2) —Start the 500-Calorie Eating Plan

Water (lots of it)No artificial sweeteners
Coffee Stevia is allowedNo cream or sugar
Tea (green or black)No cream or sugar
3 ounces of one only:1 cup of one only:1 small of one only:
Chicken breastAsparagusApple
Chilean sea bassCeleryOrange
CrabChardStrawberries (cup)
FlounderCucumber½ grapefruit
4 egg whitesCabbage
Lean steakLettuce
Dover SoleSpinach
Optional: (1) melba toast


  • May spread out the fruit to eat in between meals.
  • SLOWLY increase your calories from Days 24 through 26.
  • You can find several HCG recipes by clicking here.

NOTE: For maximum results, Do Not exchange foods with any not on the list.

What Do I Do When I Complete Day 23?


  • STEP 1: You will enter into “Phase 3” (see Phases below) on Day 24. This is when you will stop taking the HCG drops.  Even if you plan to lose more weight, it is very important that you take a break from the HCG for the next 21 days.
  • STEP 2: SLOWLY increase your calories through Days 24 through 26.
  • STEP 3: You may now consume anything you want with the exception of NO SUGAR or STARCHY food for up to 1500 calories.
  • STEP 4: Continue weighing yourself every day and maintain your new HCG weight within a 2-pound range.
What If I Want To Lose More Weight?

When you have finished 21 days of Phase 3, or the rest period where you may increase your calories to 1500 without Sugar or Starchy Food, you may start another round of HCG, or Phase 2. Simply repeat the Steps for Days 1 through 23.

What If I Don’t Want To Lose Anymore Weight?

Then, upon completion of Phase 3, you will enter into the final 21 day phase, or Phase 4, in which you will SLOWLY start introducing Sugars and Starches back into your diet while maintaining your new HCG weight within a 2-pound range.

If you have only 12 pounds or less to lose and you reach that weight during the 21 day cycle of Phase 2, simply increase your calories to slow or deactivate the HCG, but continue the drops through completion. Follow through on Phases 3 and 4.

Can I Increase My Calories or Add Foods Not On The List Above?

We recommend following the eating plan PRECISELY as detailed above. However, some people can increase their calories up to 800 or even 1,000 calories and even introduce foods not on the list above. If you choose to do this, watch your weight very carefully the following day. It may slow or stop your rate of weight loss.

Understanding the Phases of the HCG Weight Loss Protocol

The entire program consists of four primary “phases” each consisting of 21 days each. It is important to understand and follow through on the last 3 phases in order to keep your weight off long term.


  • PHASE 1—Detoxification.  This is optional. While it will greatly enhance the results of HCG, many people go straight to Phase 2. You will still lose weight.
  • PHASE 2—The Weight Loss.  This is the only phase where your objective is to LOSE weight and inches.  It will also be the only phase that you will actually use the HCG drops and the low calorie diet.
  • PHASE 3—“Re-Setting” the Hypothalamus Gland.  This is the phase allowing your body to adjust and learn how to maintain your new weight achieved after completing Phase 2.  No more HCG or low calorie diet. The only restrictions are NO SUGARS or STARCHES.
  • PHASE 4—“Locking” in your weight.  You will SLOWLY begin introducing Sugars and Starches back into your diet.
What You Should Know Before Starting the HCG Weight Loss Protocol
  • Point #1  During week 2 of the plan you are likely to experience a “plateau” in your weight loss whereas the daily weight loss may slow or stop altogether. Don’t panic.  This is a natural process indicating the HCG is doing its job and the Body is literally taking “a rest” from such rapid fat release and burning. Plateaus typically last 2-3 days then suddenly the Body starts losing weight again. Continue your HCG drops and low calorie diet.  If the plateau persists after 4 days, call customer support.
  • Point #2 At some point during the 21 days of the weight loss you are likely to encounter the effects of constipation. This is normal and to be expected on such a low calorie diet.  It is not likely to be encountered during the other phases of the program.  You should continue drinking at least 64 ounces of pure water throughout your first 21 days.  We highly recommend an herbal tea that should resolve the problem quickly and safely without drugs. The product is: Organic Smooth Move Senna Tea by Traditional Medicinals
  • Point #3  If you reach your target weight before the conclusion of the 21 days—and do not desire to lose more weight—simply increase your caloric intake to stop the weight loss. It is recommended that you continue taking the HCG drops throughout the 21 day course and to follow-up with Phase 3 to “re-set” and “lock-in” your metabolic rate to maintain your new body weight.
  • Point #4 Weigh yourself every morning upon awakening throughout all phases. Should you experience weight gain, take careful note of what you ate the day before and the portion you ate. Also, you should know that excessive exercise or sun that leaves you sore can also cause a temporary weight gain due to water retention.
  • Point #5 Drink LOTS of water. Your body will be detoxifying at a rapid rate and water keeps the toxins flushed from your system.
  • Point #6 Take “Before-After” photographs from side and front views along with body measurements of neck, chest, waist, hips and biceps. Start on Day 1 and again on Day 23.  This will be your reward for a job well done!
Helpful TIPS That Will Assure Your Success
  • TIP #1  Use a calendar to determine and block out a set of 21 days which will be the most convenient and offering the least amount of distractions from your plan. Pay particular attention to holidays, family/friend gatherings, stressful job obligations, etc.
  • TIP #2  Plan your menus in advance.  Doing so will help you to stay the course and make grocery shopping and preparation easier. To keep variety in your diet we highly recommend trying the HCG-friendly recipes located here.
  • TIP #3 Obtain an inexpensive food scale and a George Foreman indoor grill. You will be thankful for the ease and convenience of preparing your foods in the right portions and with added grilled flavor.
  • TIP #4 Keep a copy of “The HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide” by Linda Prinster near you for quick reference. We cannot emphasize enough the value this book will offer you.
  • TIP #5 Remember: the HCG Weight Loss Plan is SIMPLE—but very PRECISE.  Don’t get creative or innovative with the eating plan. Follow it precisely as it is outlined here for maximum results.
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