Maximum Results Using HCG Drops
  • Weigh yourself and write down your body measurements on
    Day 1. Weigh and measure yourself again on Day 21.
  • Start taking your drops three times a day beginning the first gorge day (Day 1). Hold under your tongue for 2 mins. Do not eat or drink anything (not even water) 20 mins before or after drops.
  • Take the drops three times a day; spread throughout the day.
  • Weigh yourself same time every morning upon rising.
  • Drink at least (8) glasses of water a day beginning Day 1.
  • Drink “Smooth Move” Sienna herbal tea upon any signs of constipation. Can be purchased at Health Food Stores.
  • Should you suddenly gain or stop losing weight, take note of what food, drink or activity that you took in the day before. Call us.
  • The 3 week, 1500 calorie maintenance phase that follows the HCG diet phase is the most critical to lock in your weight. Avoid all SUGARS and STARCHES. Call customer support for our Free Coaching Program, should you have questions or concerns.
  • Do NOT eat any foods that are not on the list. Suggested list of foods for HCG diet is very specific and synergistic with the HCG drops. Foods not on your list can deactivate the HCG and cause your daily weight loss to stop or even gain slightly.
  • Do NOT interrupt your program should you forget to take the drops or should you gain weight; continue on the 21 day course.
  • Do NOT consume anything with sugar, fats, oils or artificial sweeteners of any kind during your 21 day program. Even small amounts can alter the effectiveness of HCG. Use STEVIA only.
  • Do NOT Indulge in any strenuous exercise that you are not accustomed to. Walking and mild exercise is fine.